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'Music is my rock, shield and great defender'. Our label proudly presents the new Single track by Omegakot, called 'Defender'. Omegakot aka Evtushenko Vladimir from Russia, created a different story from his usual repertoire, and demonstrates his musical signature on a slower tempo this time. After a successful full length album and some really powerful tunes, Evtushenko's new progressive story is a a storm of emotions, mixed with colorful memories. Omegakot's innovative production techniques and high attention to detail makes him one of the finest producers Russia has to offer these days. 'Defender' has an eclectic beat, with uplifting bass line, distorted soundscapes, melodic leads and devilish drum rhythms, providing a substantial sonic experience. Open your mind and close your eyes to transcend the 'Defender', dancing to an unusual tempo signature!


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