Infinity Tunes Records - SCION OF MARS - Anniversary Of A Dream

Anniversary Of A Dream

Label: Infinity Tunes Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 16 November 2020

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Digital Album

Anniversary Of A Dream



'Let your dreams be your wings'. Infinity-Tunes proudly presents the next Single by Scion Of Mars, called 'Anniversary Of A Dream'. Our German friend, where with no doubt is one of the most promising uprising talents out there, completed a vision that for years besieged his soul. The story begun back in the 90's where Martin experienced a profound transformation through a melody, from a track, from a legendary English artist, played in a Goa-Trance party. That incident triggered a deep state of trance inside Martin's heart which is experienceable until this day. With that influence as a guidance, the vision became reality, and through this emotional experience, Martin discovered his passion for creativity. 'Anniversary Of A Dream' is an imprint from the past, mutated, reconstructed with uniqueness and represents the present. Get ready for a mixture of deep progressive rhythms, colorful synths, sensational vocals and harmonic patterns that will offer chaotic unison. Mastering procedure was done by Micky Noise/Plus Six Mastering. Time to dream! Go for it!


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