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'The cosmos is within us, we are a way for the universe to know itself'. Infinity-Tunes proudly presents the new Single by the Italian psychedelic duo Perpetual, called 'Cosmo'. After some time since their last release, Andrea Chirivi and Nico Romagnoli returned to enlighten us with their new 'emerald'. Their progressive course so far is indisputable. The level of quality they offer, but also their artistic structure in their last tracks, make Perpetual one of the best up-and-coming, musical act, of the psychedelic trance scene. 'Cosmo' is a groovy adventure, with underground, synthesized frequencies, mind blowing style, massive atmosphere, bright melodies and spiritual acid lines. A deep state of trance, showcasing Perpetual's experience, and indigenous wisdom. Last but not least, is their enormous, driving kick-bass line combination, which will blow everyone's mind, and generate dancing mood. Make sure to grab your copy, and enjoy this waved and revolutionary music experience. As always, graphic design was done by HpsyV. Ready to enter the cosmos?


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