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Go To The Moon



'Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star'. Infinity-Tunes proudly presents the fresh Single from Bass Constructor, called 'Go To The Moon'. Fedde van Diemen, aka Bass Constructor returns sharper, more productive, and more harmonious than ever. His new 'baby' contains a range of deep melodies, long-lasting chants and a pure, psy-progressive style. Based in Holland, Fedde van Diemen follows an extensive routine of obligations, but this does not stop him from being super productive. On the contrary, each track he delivers reflects his talent to produce serious and high quality music compositions. 'Go To The Moon' is an immersion journey, consisting of profound leads, heartfelt plucks, rolling bass line, rhythmic drums, Goa arpeggios and cataclysmic vocal quotes of awakening. A mixture of refreshing inspiration that will surprise you, that will take you on a journey through lost horizons, and set to your mind a different 'picture' of reality. This project is nothing less than successful and promising, as the future reserves more surprises. Graphic design was done by HpsyV. No, it's not Apollo that will take you to the moon. It's Bass Constructor!


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