Kagdila Records - N3XU5 - Psycho Therapy

Psycho Therapy

Label: Kagdila Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 March 2005

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Psycho Therapy



Miguel is the artist known as Nexus, he was born and raised in Lisbon (Portugal). His biography in his own words follow: I started working with music 5 years ago, doing DJ sets in industrial clubs (Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra), that was when my experience with electronic music started. My first contact with goa trance was in the year 2000 listening to Astral Projection, Hallucinogen, Chi AD and more... I started going to trance parties in 2001. Later that year, a friend of mine and myself started a project called n3xu5. Our first live act was in December, which was a small party. February 2002 saw our first big party in Portugal. After my friend left the project, I continued the project alone, evolving my own style.”


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