9th Circle Records - MALICIOUS - Bitch Witch

Bitch Witch

Label: 9th Circle Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 June 2010

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Digital Album

Bitch Witch



Bitch witch is a first Ep of Vlad Dorman aka Malicious. Project which was established in 2008 year and is based on the rapid experimental music. Last year, under style began to change in the slower music mixed with full on. And here is granted en album that contains 6 tracks in the kinds and varieties which are expressed different feelings and contain his secret. It gives birth to you feeling good and positive with the same sense of anger, aggression, widow of insanity and darkness. Magic wave of sounds and change will help you plunge into the unpredictable world without limits, and mad subconscious of the artist. Album contains a history which has no beginning and which will not be the end. This story which will be manipulate the souls.


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