Akashik Record - .Various - Akashik Memory

Akashik Memory

Label: Akashik Record
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 September 2012

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Digital Album

Akashik Memory



Record has received it's latest digital transmission originating from the Procyon Star System relay servers; The Akashik Memory uplink has started transmitting from Galactic Core towards Planet Earth culminating on its peak transmission around December 21st 2012! All sentient lifeforms across Earth will have their operative system upgraded and Humanity will now become part of the Galactic Federation of Light.. We welcome you Humans on Earth and we are excited for your upcoming galactic awakening! Transmission mastered and decoded by Alien Mental @ Echo Vortex Laboratory Earth Decoded transcript of sonic frequencies brought to you by our Akashik Record family "DJ Tehuti" currently activating dance floors across Earth utilizing his wisdom on Funktion One Sound System promoting auditory awareness across the world.


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