Aleph Zero Records - KRUSSELDORF - From Soil To Space

From Soil To Space

Label: Aleph Zero Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 30 September 2011

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CD Album

From Soil To Space



Krusseldorf is Simon Heath, a diverse genre-crossing musician and producer working on many projects in different constellations and with 18 full length albums behind him over the years and many more EPs and single releases. Besides Krusseldorf, two of his more famous projects are Atrium Carceri and Za Fru?mi. Aleph Zero is proud to have Krusseldorf join its family, following releases in Beats & Pieces, Iboga and Sofa Beats. From Soil to Space is an album where we feel Simon has really reached a new height in his musical creation. He presents here a deep musical journey ranging on wide spectrums on many levels, as the album name aptly explains. It?s challenging and yet dreamy, psychedelic and atmospheric, journeying through dark depths, contemplative moments and optimistic caressing melodies. The music is always very visual and highly cinematic, and there?s always another layer to discover.


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