Alex Tronic Records - BINARY ZERO - From Here You Can See Everything

From Here You Can See Everything

Label: Alex Tronic Records
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 01 June 2008

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CD Album

From Here You Can See Everything



From a very young age Binary Zero aka Stuart Foxwell has had an urge, a drive to make music. Taking up Guitar and Drums he moved from one band to the next before discovering a new form of music made within computers, a dimension of bleeps and blips, of one's and zero's. It was all he needed and Binary Zero was born. Mixing chaotic beats with 4 on the floor techno. Crashing bass lines and screeching synth melodies into each other. The music of Binary Zero is aggressive, sublime and sheer energy. Its not just the sounds of Binary Zero that are important. Behind the music and within the pounding beats and deep growling bass lines, lie something else, something that a few people say should not be there. However, for those that wish to discover, Binary Zero lays out his own version of reality, Political snapshots dissected and torn apart exposing our world. Taking inspiration from global political activists, the hidden messages behind the music tell of Government Police States, computer controlled societies and a totalitarian world. These are all their for you to find and explore, if you wish. Binary Zero pulls no punches and is unafraid to challenge conventional thinking through music. Looking at his own life and that of the world, his music forms a road map you can journey with the destination in your hands. "Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it , it disturbs us. When we listen to it we find it fascinating. The sound of a truck at 50mph. Static between the stations. Rain, We want to capture and control these sounds, to use them, not as sound effects, but as musical instruments" John Cage Lecture on the future of music in 1937


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