AP Records - AUDIOMATRIXX - Variations


Label: AP Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 April 2008

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It's not difficult to see that this project is a collaboration between Audiomatic (Benjamin Halfman) and Magnetrixx (Stefan Lewin). Due to their own individual releases, both artists have made themselves known on national and international levels. They first met at Leviathan Studios when Stefan was working on his first releases. Benni was already an established DJ playing many parties in Germany. He became fascinated with the producing and music creation Stefan was doing and started learning how to do it himself. During a time apart, Benni honed the skills Stefan taught him and when they finally came back together Stefan was so impressed with how much Benni had learned they spontaneously created a track together. Eventually, they joined forces and started the project Audiomatrixx. Those familiar with the artists' individual works know what to expect: nice, driving beats with power-grooves for a packed dance floor. They immediately gained fans after releasing three tracks for various compilations. After two years of hard work in the studio the long awaited debut album is finally ready. The


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