ZNA Gathering Retro​-​Futuristic Compilation III

ZNA Gathering Retro​-​Futuristic Compilation III

Label: Dat Universe
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 09 September 2022

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CD Album

ZNA Gathering Retro​-​Futuristic Compilation III



We are proud to present the third chapter of the ZNA Gathering: The Retro-Futuristic Compilation. Once again, resident DAT archivists Draeke and Solitare have reached far and beyond to include some incredible tracks graciously shared by artists who are performing at this year’s festival. We open with a tribute to the legendary Olli Wisdom, who left the earthly plane last year and had been scheduled to give a rare retro appearance at ZNA. One of the most influential figures in the scene since its early years, he leaves behind an enormous legacy and we are delighted to share one of his earliest tracks, the never-before-published 1992 track Multiple Arms & Legs – a mover and groover that will be particularly evocative to those who danced in the early 90s. All of the tracks on this compilation have never been available before, in some cases forgotten by the artists, while others were waiting for the right occasion to be publicly shared. We feature a phenomenal early mix of Man With No Name’s Deep Troubles in Outer Space – so rare that he no longer possessed it himself, and the only located source being damaged and undergoing significant repair by engineer Colin Young. Next is an early track by Cydonia, the amazing Brilliant Pink, after which Nervasystem probes deeply as always in his epic Nervacenter, before the rare collaboration of Laughing Buddha & Purple entitled Toasted, a 1998 production dedicated to their friend DJ Toast of Twisted Records. Mindfield offers us a vivacious 1995 live mix of their classic Green Worm, followed by the legendary Psychaos with a live jam mix of his superb Solid Bubbles collaboration with Space Cat. Gus Till moves into groovy territory with his sleek and sophisticated Bus track Natural Substance, while Spies offers us the deep and powerful number Locked In Syndrome before RA brings us gently back to Earth with their beautiful ambient mix of Unseen Sky. Mastered by Monbaza of Blue Moon Productions, this compilation is a full-frequency journey through a range of styles in the 90s that showcases how diverse and rich our genre was at the time, charting a course through technological advancements, stylistic atmospheres, and changes in production techniques. You can sit back and enjoy this selection for months and years to come, as a memory both of this year’s edition and of the richness of our scene’s musical heritage. We are delighted that this compilation will be available first for those attending the festival, so when you’re on site at the gathering this year, keep your eyes and ears open so that you can be sure to get your copy of the limited edition production. The collection will then be available on CD and as a digital download on Bandcamp and at your usual stores after its exclusive premiere at the ZNA Gathering 2022.


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