dendro music tribe - .Various - Biotic Ceremonial

Biotic Ceremonial

Label: dendro music tribe
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 August 2020

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Digital Album

Biotic Ceremonial



DMT is glad to present its first compilation V/A Biotic Ceremonial featuring 11 tracks from globally talented artists. We bring you our latest dendrodelic sounds to take you on a deep psychedelic journey into the mysterious dark twisted realms of nature keeping the mind in conscious organic ritual. This biotic symphony initiates powerful shamanic rhythms in tribal drums, synchronising void sounds deeply swirling dark forestry atmospheric soundscapes, all is one inter-dimensional telepathic souls imagining alternated states of consciousness, voluptuary egos get transcended in watery awareness, attuning higher self to reveal the other-worldly creatures, dendrodelic journey in the visionary eternal spirit, hallucinogenic ancient pilgrims gathering, harmonize to resonate robust orb vortex energies, transformational worldwide festivals networks in synergy, far out dendrofreaks of the Earth Unite.


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