Dharmaharmony Records - .Various - Sunyata


Label: Dharmaharmony Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 September 2009

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Hailing from the torrid New Orleans bayou is USA based trance label Dharmaharmony Records. In a relatively short time, this label has skyrocketed to the top of the North American trance scene and has built an excellent reputation for itself, both in the quality and integrity of its artists as well as the quality and floor-pounding capacity of its releases. Having become a household name from coast to coast in the States as well as abroad, Dharmaharmony is presenting some of the best talent that the scene has to offer. One can expect nothing less from this label, whose artists tirelessly tour the country and whose music finds itself on party playlists across several continents. Representing these virtues in exemplary form is Dharmaharmony's third release, "Sunyata". The name itself creates a concept of mutual interrelatedness along with an absence of self-identity through which communication can freely flow. Nine ego-pummeling tracks sculpted by artists from America, Russia, Japan and further grace this tracklist and provide a gaping auditory conduit of goodies across the globe. These tracks lie between, draw from, and defy the boundaries of classification, providing a sonic encryption that trance dilettantes of every color can dig their eardrums and feet into. "Sunyata" is well slated to become a rocker that will tickle the senses of collectors, home listeners, and partygoers in scenes the world over.


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