Digital Psionics Records - .Various - Psionic Riot

Psionic Riot

Label: Digital Psionics Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 April 2009

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Psionic Riot



Digital Psionics presents Psionic Riot, Selected by Xatrik. To all dancers this side of Alpha Centauri, Gather together in unity for the right of musical freedom. We don't want to be placed in psychedelic classes anymore, We don't want to hear this music as morning or night. This is the new reform, let the people claim the dance floor again, let's hear what we want when we want to hear it. Xatrik is leading us into these times of intensity, He has hand selected and mastered this fine audio moment in time. An epic blast of revolutionary riot revolt beyond limitations and genre explanations. Backed up by some massive sound punks like Vanghoul, Kluster, Dark Nebula, Rubix Qube, Slug, Multistate, Slug, Xatrik, Sonic, Electrypnose, Biorythm, Panayota and the legendary Huxflux. This is a monster masterpiece in musical mayhem, we want you to whistle and scream by twisting this technology back into steam punk revolution riot rock and roll. So get ready for an ear looting. Psionic Riot has taken the streets.


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