Digital Psionics Records - .Various - Psionic Force

Psionic Force

Label: Digital Psionics Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 August 2009

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CD Album

Psionic Force



Digital Psionics presents Psionic Force. Just by listening to Psionic Force a protective shield will be placed around your aural energies. It will repel discordant vibrations that are not for your highest good. This force field comes with its own independent source of power that can amplify your personal perception as you listen. It is perfectly programmed and sealed sonically so it can never be influenced in any way by other energies. Each audio sector has been hand selected by Dj Tantrum to enhance your auric field. This music is created by some of our well known psionic stars like Electrypnose, Concept, Kluster, Dark Nebula, Xatrik, and Battle Goats (Orca Vs Geko). Blending this with new rays of lightning including Soundless, Earworm, Erebus and Tantrum, we expect nothing but purity in this modern form of electronic symphonica. The molecular levels of this audio vibration are purified before aural infusion. We hope you find this as a guide to evolve the consciousness of the area where this recording is played. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience these psionic energies in a very practical and productive way. When you listen to this music. Expect activation.


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