Digital Shiva Power - .Various - NaV JeeVan

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NaV JeeVan



Digital Shiva Power Records invites you on another psychedelic adventure of inner rejuvenation and rebirth, with our latest release of Nav Jeevan. The compiled gifts from Digital Shiva Power's finest reconstruct your world, and invigorate every fractal of your mind with the most lovingly crafted frequencies ever committed to disc. The pioneering sounds of this compilation will conjure sensations that drive your body and thoughts through a trip of blissful reforestation. An unforgettable journey that will challenge your perceptions and refresh your psyche into something entirely renewed - "Nav Jeevan". Big thanks to: Parvati Records, Temple Twisters, 26D, Mithya Music, The Psychedelic Way, Mental Sauce, Exodus, E-noise, PsyLab, Psyvader, Junktion, Hato, Askarin, Chee, OmOm, RayCosmo, and Na2c0.


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