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Alex Astral is a natural born music talent. Based in Corfu, an island in northwest Greece, that has a tremendous&remarkable reputation associated with Music&Art through history. Derived from his origin, Alex Astral has developed an exacting&refined musical taste. Already known for his many years experience in the psychedelic electronic music camp a.k.a DJ Django, Alex has a notable past as a producer, delivering numerous releases through projects such as Dolby Caramel, and G.O.A Monks plus few more, resulted in a phenomenal definition of a multi-talented artist. Gaining all experience of the past and combining together his unconditional Love&Passion for top-notch electronic music, Alex Astral is guaranteed to compensate even the most exacting House&Techno music listeners around the Globe with his fine blend of refreshing tech-house tribal rhythms&crafty techno crispy grooves.


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