Ovnimoon Records - SIXSENSE, PSYNON - Payonta

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Ovnimoon records proudly presents amazing new EP Payonta made by SixSense and Psymon! Sixsense is one of the leading underground Psy - Trance music producers from Israel specializing in the sub-genre of Full On and Progressive Psychedelic Trance and Ambient Music. Ben has continuously produced music since 1996 under the titles Sixsense and Synchromatrix and has released many albums, EPs collaborations and remixes over the years on leading electronic dance music labels around the world. Psymon is the psychedelic trance project of Simon from the north side of Switzerland.He played on various events and shared stages with artists like: Astrix, Sun Project, Sixsense, Didrapest, Sinerider, Principles of Flight, Electrypnose, Digital Talk, Phatmatix,Symphonix,Subconcious Mind,Sensual Squeak,Nygma an much more.After a few years in 2008 he decided to produce his own sound. In 2010 he released his debut ep called Wicked Machines with Trance Lab Records and has released one full studio album on Planet Ben Records and many EPs. Psymon began as trance dj back in millennium in the year 2000 as trance dj with vinyl. In 2004 he began to djing Fullon and Psytrance. With friends has started to make some small outdoor goa parties and has performed many times throughout the EU.


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