post modern music - .Various - V.A Clair-Obscur

V.A Clair-Obscur

Label: post modern music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 10 June 2017

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Digital Album

V.A Clair-Obscur



Clair-Obscur in French, are the words used to describe the Renaissance impact on visual art, referring to a technique where artists utilized the effect of light and shadow, bright and dark to depict three-dimensional forms within the confines of a two-dimensional universe. Lurking from the shadows of the Digital Jungles of the Great Deserts, Doktor Doom, has applied this concept to the sonic spectrum, carefully choosing audio trips to stimulate the mind to travel beyond the physical realm. VA - Clair-Obscur consists of over 70 minutes of playback time featuring artists from all over the world. Clair-Obscur seeks to take listeners on a journey through the whole spectrum of Psychedelic Sound, Dark to Light - Night to day. credits Compiled by - Mrinal - A.K.A - Z


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