post modern music - .Various - Subterranean Blues

Subterranean Blues

Label: post modern music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 06 March 2019

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Digital Album

Subterranean Blues



Subterranean Blues is a collection of 10 compositions stitched together to form a compilation of various artists from around the world. This project draws its inspiration from the Blues, a movement with its root in African musical tradition, whose musical form has become ubiquitous in various forms of contemporary music including jazz and rock and roll, with its impact on modern music tradition reflected in various spaces of electronic music as well. Subterranean is a reference to an inconspicuous mode of message delivery, the importance of the message over the messenger. Subterranean Blues is a tribute to isolated and uncommunicated artists, that continue to create and consistently transfer positive energy into our existence. credits Mastering: Biolab Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Azra J Compiled by: Shanta


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