Process Production - PROCESS - superior technology

superior technology

Label: Process Production
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 May 2002

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superior technology



Process started life as the solo project of Sean Williams, one half of Satori. They had their first release on Matsuri compilation "Abstract Phaze" and went on to release tunes on TIP, Flying Rhino, Twisted, Transient and TIP World with a long awaited debut album on Creamcrop in 2001. This album "One Drop Or Two?" was produced with Benji Vaughan aka. Prometheus who also collaborates on the new album. Working with artists such as Tsuyoshi, Tristan, James Monro, Raja Ram and Simon Posford, Process has evolved a unique style and remained faithful to the psychedelic roots that first stimulated the urge to produce music. This is the english psychedelic sound, descended from Syd Barrett, Hawkwind, Gong and the Ozric Tentacles manifesting itself through the purely electronic sounds of Process at the beginning of the 21st century. Organic sounds which evolve through performance are mixed with digital editing techniques to deliver a new and powerful sound. " Superior technology", a neuro musical assault in a great wacky, trippy and skippy style, first class psychedelic techno trance made in England with a lot of mashed up breaks, FX and the Devil knows what else.


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