Process Production - NERVASYSTEM - 13 amp fusion

13 amp fusion

Label: Process Production
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 September 2002

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13 amp fusion



Nervasystem is the solo project of Drezz who has recorded with Gus Till, Tsuyoshi, Process, Aether. He has released tracks on Phantasm, Matsuri, Creamcrop and Elektrik Orgasm, reaching a peak with the most psychedelic techno album to date "The Mama Matrix Most Mysterious". The new album "13 Amp Fusion" is a swirling journey through the psychedelic vortex, hovering around the dancefloor and out into the further dimensions beyond our familiar spacetime universe. This is not a compilation of dance tunes but an album in it's own right with the unifying factor being a psychedelic one. You will find dancefloor tracks mixed with chillout tracks and just plain weird twisted breakbeat trashish tunes combining to make one immensely challenging and groundbreaking whole. The artwork's not bad either.


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