Profound Records - PERSPECTIVE - Square Eyes

Square Eyes

Label: Profound Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 06 April 2020

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Digital Album

Square Eyes



"Presenting Perspectives latest musical journey is the psychedelic adventures of Square Eyes. (In A Husky Scottish Accent) Eons past. There were two strange foul beasts, dwelling within the digital realm known as Ablethon. There liedth what was thought to be man staring at the square pixels. Red. Blue . Green. Drooling down their lily skinned neck was the sweat and smell of a creature that could only be in a trance. It was at this point when they knew that only with square eyes such sonic frequencies could be formed. (Normal voice) The following audio that you are about to hear resembles a man walking through the darkness when suddenly a wild funky disco ball appeared! This disco ball began beaming colors straight into your retina that dangerously blinded you with imagery from an alternate dimension that only DMT can explain.


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