Sangoma Records - BLACK NOISE - Black Noise

Black Noise

Label: Sangoma Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 18 April 2018

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CD Album

Black Noise



Sangoma Records proudly presents the debut album of Black Noise from Athens. In the past years Kostas Angelopoulos has been continuously working on music and shaping his sound to a more night-time oriented direction, with a strong groove and straight to the point psychedelia - again showing why the ?Greek sound? is one of the freshest, most innovative styles in this scene, and as well a strong pillar of our Sangoma sound. You may know Black Noise?s music from previous 2 EPs on our label and releases on TIP Records, Nano, Goa Productions, Blacklight Records among others. This album includes collaborations with Nektarios (aka Martian Arts), Peyotes, Rezonant and Kri Samadhi and is mastered by E.V.P @Wild Mastering. Prepare to enter the void. Sangoma Records ? Holistic Hellenistic medicine for your ears


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