Sangoma Records - KRI SAMADHI - Deerfields

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Sangoma Records is happy to release the EP by the modular master Kri Samadhi from North Carolina, USA. Hailing from Asheville, the arty home of Synthesizer companies like Moog and Make Noise, Kri and his crew T.O.U.C.H Samadhi have been throwing events for over a decade ? making it the most consistent address for Psychedelic Trance in the U.S.A. This release pays homage to Deerfields, the name of their venue where their two annual Equinox Festivals take place. Kri has teamed up with Black Noise and Nektarios from Greece for two collaboration tracks that blend perfectly with Kri?s style, who?s intuition for playing to the human element produces a dance floor experience of complete immersion, of carnal union with the velvety flow of the beat, the body, the bass, the boom. Kri brings us music that forces us to remember why we are alive and to give thanks for every nuance of that sacred gift. Sangoma Records ? Organic medicine for your ears.


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