Stone Age Records - WIZACK TWIZACK - behind the trees

behind the trees

Label: Stone Age Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 October 2005

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behind the trees



STONEAGE RECORDS PRESENTS - WIZACK TWIZACK- BEHIND THE TREES. After a very convincing summer of parties and liveacts Wizacks album is finally ready! Wizack Twizack is the wild sonic excursion of Tommy Axelsson, born in 1981 and residing in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. After finding himself scrambling his head to psytrance in the late 90s, Tommy found an output source to his creative mental madness through the tools of knobs and sequencers. Wizack Twizack is the expression of dark psytrance and works as a storytelling mirror, taking you onto trips in the darkest hour reflecting the wicked tribal gatherings what has been going on in the swedish forests throughout the years! Forestmusic at its best!


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