Stone Age Records - .Various - nordic mythology

nordic mythology

Label: Stone Age Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 December 2008

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CD Album (CD + Free Audiorip)

nordic mythology



Stoneage Records Gladly Presents The New Compilation Nordic Mythology (Compiled by: Wizack Twizack & Dj Jonas). If twisted was a fruit, and funky was an alchohol. Nordic Mythology is a toxic shake-recipe from the stone age, leaving no room for mental bargains or restrains. DJ Jonas and Wizack Twizack are this time, together, sucking your brains out of long, spiral, plastic straws. You might be able to escape them, if u can snail faster than 149 bpm, or slower than 140 bpm. Standby for further psychic imprints and sonicollaborations of these two metamofos, in a bended blend with other, just as smashing european acts. This Journey will take care of you from the late dark hours, all the way down to the dawn, up to the morning breeze. Check your cable, not your seatbelt, youre supposed to fly.


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