Suntrip Records - .Various - The 50th Parallel

The 50th Parallel

Label: Suntrip Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 30 November 2018

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CD Album

The 50th Parallel



Happy Birthday Suntrip! After 15 years we are happy to release Suntrip-CD 50! And this is not your average cd... it's a 2-cd compilation with only the best modern goa-trance in all its facets We decided to dedicate the first cd to the fantastic world of sunshine and melodies! You like your goa-trance powerful, melodic, emotional and floating? Then our first cd will be your taste for sure! Modern goa-trance legends such as Khetzal, Crossing Mind and Cosmic Dimension are combined with the new talents Triquetra, Sykespico, Hada, Clementz and Median Project! The second cd is something else: The moon started to shine and the atmosphere changed to something more ominous! Still powerful and somehow melodic, but with a darkish, more evil touch. Our definition of nightish music! Of course you will find our usual suspects here with Ka-Sol, Battle Buddhas or Morphic Resonance. But here also we found some amazing new talents such as Cosmic Serpent, Everything Turns, Proxeeus and Hada! So, we made sure that all lovers of different kinds of goa-trance will be happy when they press play! Even with the modern music industry crisis we hope we can continue for 50 more cds! A small story about the title; it refers to the place where Suntrip was founded in 2004! So buy if you like, spread the word and more important: carry goa-trance in your heart forever!


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