Tip Records - .Various - Raja Ram's Pipedreams Vol 2

Raja Ram's Pipedreams Vol 2

Label: Tip Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 04 December 2013

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CD Album

Raja Ram's Pipedreams Vol 2



AH...so you have come in?or are you going out...doesnt make any difference because this is the music for going out or staying in. A fresh plucked bunch of psychotropic delights, for the hammock, for the kitchen or in the car. This is what you need...to soothe the gorbles, tickle the toes, open the door to another pleasant frisky dimension. This music was specially commissioned by robots for experts.. all tastes and sizes...but music for those moments where nothing else fits...you need to be entertained gently....by high class...upper crusty...musicians who know what they are doing.Supreme...atomic...mind openers...for slugs on valium and general release..everyone can enjoy these if you have a brain and a heart and two feet. Put it on, turn it up and leave it on. We promise not to disappoint. This is a delicious cocktail of marinated and seasoned groovetickles. Lie down? stand up, dance, twitch and sway....this is the latest smorgasbord?of celestial delights...which take you away on the sonic tapestryon your magic carpet. Engage.. .switch off...turn on....the only way is higher?to that special place we have been aiming for. This is the bullseye...the bees knees.. the cats whiskers and top draw...Fly or die..this is your chance to trance...and melt...dissolve..and become one with the beat....a real treat ?that will lasts longer than a lollipop and twice the distance to the sun. Have a gargle and listen....It?s Pipe Dreams 2.


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