Triplag Music - .Various - ZERO-BLADE & KZ - z-effect

ZERO-BLADE & KZ - z-effect

Label: Triplag Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 December 2010

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CD Album

ZERO-BLADE & KZ - z-effect



Dear friends, we would like to present our next release - a split album between Zero-Blade (Bulgaria) and KZ (Japan). After almost over 1 year of preparations and work music geometry is now ready for your audio exploration. Both artists have been releasing single tracks on various CD compilations and digital releases for last few years. Kris (Zero-Blade) from Sofia, Bulgaria our long established label artist is well known for everyone who follows Triplag. In this album you will hear what has already become a signature Zero-Blade style. Unique, hard and sharp sound of New World Order and Time Disruption tracks that have made havoc on dance-floors of Europe and Japan. Followed by intriguingly tasty ideas of warping speed and melody in Wicked Spirit and The Ancient Evolution tracks. Our recent label artist Keiji (KZ) is coming from Fukuoka Japan with strong ties with Rockdenashi Productions label. Keiji work has been noticed by many listeners after releases on BalckSun, SpeedMasters, Zamurai and Lunar Prophecy compilations. 5 new dance psychedelic trips from KZ will open for you new perspective of this talented project. He managed to combine mystery and nostalgia of traditional Japan culture with dark underground psychedelia of modern age country of Rising Sun. Last track is a collaboration spiral between KZ and Zero-Blade that completes Z-Effect! Triplag Music is happy to give an opportunity to both of the artists to present their split album and mark an important milestone in their musical carrier.


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