Triplag Music - .Various - Tribalessence


Label: Triplag Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 July 2011

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To all that is light and the shadows of soul still unknown, may your Tribalessence unfold with your story soon to be told. Triplag Music is proud to present its 12th CD release, "Tribalessence" compiled by DJ Waater of Portland, Oregon - USA, mastered by Colin Bennun @ the Stooodio, UK with digital art by Jacob Cordova. Triplag Music is proud to present its 12th CD release, "Tribalessence." To our many newcomers and longtime listeners alike: we hope you enjoy these 11 tracks full of journey and inspiration. Our story begins as the curtain draws back, with the pleasurable tones of OOOD bringing us to a place of solace and peace. We allow ourselves to delve deeply into our trip of tribal discovery. Continuing onwards, the door opens and Somarobotics greets us with a nice resurgence. After many long years, he makes his presence known. With thoughts scattered out into the planes of existence, we are greeted by RED in a dance floor shaker, with a solid beat, slap, and groove. Thunder cracks and our spirits fly. As we move into the cavernous space of mind and intellect, Invid Mind steps in with a stormer. Minds cloud, thoughts burst, energies live, and all thoughts of self dissipate into the eternal dance of life. Then, without warning, a messenger appears and DigitalX emerges with a special gift for us all and something a bit unknown. The magic continues and with an effervescent flow, Oxidelic comes in with a soothing and calming and uprising journey into ourselves. As we remember our family around us, we learn the key to our inner spirit. The dust particles separate and our souls re-energize, the spindrift carries, and our comrade Urban takes us into space like a whirling dervish. Skipping and dithering on Saturn's rings, kicking and hopping over rocks and watching as the day comes to light, Satori brings us into a bit of a swing dance. Then, from out of nowhere, an meteor shower is upon us! psyRen takes the ship's controls with all her might and pulls up the defenses, bringing us into orbit and setting course back for gaia. After this whirlwind experience, Select Project lands us back down safely amidst the organized chaos and brings back or forward? With love and light always. Enjoy the journey and keep it real!


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