United Beats Records - MEKKANIKA - California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Label: United Beats Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 06 September 2011

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CD Album

California Dreaming



UNITED BEATS RECORDS and NUTEK RECORDS are proud to present “California Dreaming”, Mekkanikka’s sixth album. ?A reminiscence of memories from his psychedelic debut in San Francisco. This album is partly made of dreams and mermories, left from these wonderfull freaky parties at the turn of the century - till nowadays ...reminiscence of journeys through sounds color and unique vibrations, that were filling the infamous CCC warehouse, Burning man, fusion festival (ca.), how weird street fair, psytribe and other moontribes, desert inspired gatherings. ?This album gave Nikka the opportunity to revisit some old themes from his first album on Spirit Zone recs, such as, the tribe, the familly and other socio-anthropological themes, gathered from his numerous travels, east, west, south and north, around our little blue planet. A reflexion on our human condition, through numerous dance floors, filled with shinny happy people from every race and religión. Coming from all walks of life, walking the same path towards a gathering for a night, or more, in order to let ourselves be free, let the body breath for a moment....These sounds are the result of such travels. Back in his own Studio, or on the road, collaborating with other artists, Nikka is always inspired by these Worldwide gatherings. This album is filled with massive tracks made for massive floors. It includes smashing Collaboration Vs. MAD MAXX – XSI - AUDIO HIJACK and VIBRADDICT, combined with a blasting remix of PEACE MAKER… California, a state, somewhere between fantasy and reality....


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