Yggdrasounds III

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Yggdrasounds III

Label: Yggdrasil Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 19 August 2022

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CD Album

Yggdrasounds III



Yggdrasil Records is excited to present Yggdrasounds III, the third and final chapter of the Yggdrasounds CD trilogy. The usual suspects are on board in various forms and collaborations and some even came crawling out from their hives to contribute and make this release a reality. Accompanied by some unusual suspects and new artists on the label, Jahbo, Audiofools and Smuds crafted and remixed tracks especially for this release with the mantra ´good ol´scando sound´ in mind to inspire and aspire the outputs. The infamous duo Insurpo & Purozect got together once again and created this specially influenced mindbender -directly inspired by true Norwegian forest events. The myth says that if played out loud in just the right spot, the entity in the swamp will once again peek up from the misty marsh to listen more closely.


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