Leftfield Records - SYNC24 - Acidious New


Label: Leftfield Records
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 26 January 2021

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SYNC24 is the solo project of Daniel Vadestrid from Carbon Based Lifeforms. From the very beginning of his career, Daniel has written tracks by and for himself. He wrote two self-released albums under the name TiN. But for the most part, he was busy with CBL, Thermostatic, and the lesser-known acts T.S.R. and Arius. In 2005 he decided to start a solo project when he happened to have a few tracks that didn?t quite fit the CBL sound space that Ultimae Records, who were releasing CBL?s material at the time, wanted to release. Sync24?s debut album ?Source? was released in 2007 and was followed by ?Comfortable Void? in 2012. The same year Daniel started the label Leftfield Records and released ?Ambient Archive [1996-2002]?, a collection of old and unreleased tracks, some reaching as far back as his first solo project TiN. Since 2014 Leftfield Records is the main digital label for CBL, Sync24, and T.S.R. The same year Sync24 released two singles. ?Eadgyth?, inspired by a sound piece his 10 months old daughter did on a circuit-bent Casio SK-1 and ?Everything Will Be Ok? featuring two more uptempo tracks.


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