Dream Crew Records - PLURIVERSO - Another Day In The Multiverse

Another Day In The Multiverse

Label: Dream Crew Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 February 2019

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Digital Album

Another Day In The Multiverse



Another Day in the Multiverse is a way of sharing the diversity of experimental psychedelic music. Following infinite possibilities, from infinite timelines, Pluriverso chose these 11 tracks to provide an experience of living a day, without rules or laws, with no boundaries, to experience as much as possible. Trough many different emotions and ambiences, Pluriverso tries to show you that no matter where you are, you should always be true to yourself, be able to recognize yourself, and trough this, evolve. Special thanks to Depuratus, Azzmatazz, Isiteshi, Mindovermatter, Sanathana, and Dream Crew Records for making this possible! Biography Pluriverso : Pluriverso is the connection between A.T.O.A.M. (Tiago Vieira) and Suir


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