Liquid Sound Design - ROBERT ELSTER - Endless Observations

Endless Observations

Label: Liquid Sound Design
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 10 July 2020

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CD Album

Endless Observations



Robert Elster, one-half of the seminal Swedish duo Vibrasphere, returns with a beautifully rich composition for his first downtempo electronic album in over a decade.?? The result is an eloquent arrangement of complex, warm, cinematic textures perfectly sculpted with the signature hypnotic melodies and impeccable production Elster is renowned for. Atmospheric, uplifting, progressive, melancholy, this album presents each listener an opportunity to explore their own perception of its meaning and will certainly appeal to fans and aficionados alike.?? ?Endless Observations? is the perfect soundtrack to accompany a voyage inward, leaving you both reminiscent and contemplative, pondering the void between distant memories, present thoughts and future dreams.


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