Mamomam Records - JARALUCA - The Prologue

The Prologue

Label: Mamomam Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 October 2019

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Digital Album

The Prologue



Mamomam Records is proud to presents a 3rd full album of polish music producer Lukasz Zajac aka. JaraLuca ! " Psytrance is supposed to be ?dance music?, which should be simple enough to pull off ? right? A 4/4 kick, pounding 16th bass line, FM screechy sounds, an acid line and some memorable riff or two. But it ain?t that easy, as it turns out! Lots of this music lacks flow, pacing and ? most importantly ? a hook that?s unique and memorable. Not so with JaraLuca?s latest offering, his 3rd full-length album ?The Prologue?, which is a testament to his extensive live performance experience. Some of the tracks on here are dark, acidy and take their time to spread the wings, other are more melodic and uplifting ? almost goa-like ? but there?s very clear sense of unique, personal style to JaraLuca?s music, that makes it stand out. His experience shows in how the music is meticulously arranged, dense with ideas and sparkling with captivating melodies, gripping riffs and otherworldly sound effects. It flows relentlessly from one peak to another, pushing up & up when you thought it can?t possibly get higher, bearing very little regard to whether the listener is able to catch a breath or not! So buckle up, drink some water, take a deep breath and prepare for a wild ride through the swirling, cosmic vortex!!! Antic604"


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