Matsuri Digital - PERFECT RAINBOW - Yuugi EP Remixes

Yuugi EP Remixes

Label: Matsuri Digital
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 30 March 2021

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Digital Album

Yuugi EP Remixes



Matsuri Digital continues its series of remixes of its rich catalogue of trance classics with a powerful pairing of two brilliant reworkings of Kuro's classic Perfect Rainbow. Twenty-six years after the original was released on Matsuri Productions, we offer these incredible remixes that bring new light to the original masterpiece. ? Our veteran master remixer Roy Sason offers a slower revamp of the track, highlighting the original's mystical harmonic language and tribal percussion to build power from the inside, while Jun Jikooha's more energized remix is fueled by majestic lead lines, acid riffs, anthemic loops, and upbeat rhythmic elements that create an ecstatic atmosphere. ? Two radically different mixes, both phenomenal revisioning of a trance classic by a Japanese legend - two new classics to raise your spirits and expand your mind!


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