Matsuri Digital - FUNKY GONG - Heisei

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Matsuri Digital brings us another storming EP with Funky Gong, which includes fresh new solo track alongside a kicking collaboration with Jikooha, which is also featured in a remix by Cylon. The title track Heisei has a deep kick and mystical melodies with a driving groove,its evocative chords and cosmic riffs producing an otherworldly atmosphere. With cyber-rock sounds, a driving bass, and dramatic pauses, this kicker will get the body moving and spirit soaring! Inner Force finds Funky Gong together with Jikooha putting out atmospheric tones, tribal percussion, and rhythmic patterning that take us back to the roots of Goa Trance. Its slow, deep, hypnotic loops are balanced with uplifting harmonies and driving acid riffs, resulting in a belting track that is both earthy and cosmic. Cylon's brilliant remix of Inner Force fuses the original's tribal rhythmic pulse with futuristic psychedelic sounds to create a streamlined cyber atmosphere.This full-frequency blaster is slow burner, building up from deep inside to raise your vibes while you stomp your feet. These three tracks are sure to get dance floors around the world bouncing and grooving! Tune in and blast off!


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