Matsuri Digital - .Various - Matsuri Classics Vol.1 - The Truth of Communication

Matsuri Classics Vol.1 - The Truth of Communication

Label: Matsuri Digital
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 26 November 2019

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Digital Album

Matsuri Classics Vol.1 - The Truth of Communication



Matsuri Digital is delighted to announce the digital re-issue of their groundbreaking catalogue from the 1990s in their new Matsuri Classics series. Presented once again with the original artwork, these epic releases span the evolution of electronic dance music at a key time in its development. The first in a series of planned reissues consists of the four legendary Matsuri compilations released in 1996 and 1997: The Truth of Communication, Abstract Phaze, Resonance Mood, and Let It Rip. With a vast array of styles by projects who at the time were either already revered or not yet widely recognized, these comps feature mind-bending, consciousness-expanding, dance-inducing productions that are fondly remembered by Goa fans of the time and those who have learned of this music in the intervening years. Still musically cutting-edge, still sounding amazing, and still getting great reactions on dancefloors around the globe, these incredible productions have stood the test of time and belong in the collection of any fan of electronic dance music. Welcome back to the future with these classics from Matsuri's brilliant past! Hearing them again will be like hearing them for the first time!


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