Matsuri Digital - UNI, TSUYOSHI SUZUKI - Just 50 Years Ago

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Just 50 Years Ago



Masturi Digital's first release for 2020 is a superb collaboration with Matsuri founder Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Japanese musician UNI entitled Just 50 Years ago. Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing at the time of their session, the two musicians crafted a blasting boundary-expanding journey into space. With a beautiful, emotive synth line that is balanced by high-energy figurations and moving melodic riffs - all underscored with a powerful kick - this track strikes to the heart of our scene with its evocative inspiration of exploring unknown spaces. This track has been a huge hit internationally in Tsuyoshi's DJ sets and it is sure to be a huge hits with other DJs and dancers: a perfect track to blast off beyond earth-bound limitations and blow the roof off a party!


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