Matsuri Digital - SUPERCOZI - Burning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electron

Burning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electron

Label: Matsuri Digital
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 08 August 2019

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Digital Album

Burning Man 1999 feat. Ariel Electron



Matsuri Digital Chill proudly present the very first EP from a Japanese producer Supercozi - ' Burning Man 1999 feat.Ariel Electron. Title track "Burning Man 1999" is a mid tempo psychedelic groove with a hint of acid Techno. Ariel Electron's glitchy and glamorous voice adding a punch to the tune, layered synth melody gives an emotional yet cinematic soundscape. "Burning Man 1999" is indeed designed to match to the dusty downtempo dance floor under the blazing sun. This EP is coupling with 2 more tunes, including a superb psy-chill Remix of title track by Jossie Telch - A rising Psy-Tech producer from Mexico. Jossie explored new frontier by this remix, result became slow and trippy dub-techno with old-school psy-chill touch, organic and psychedelic track has created. Last tune ' Timothy Leary Ride A Comet ' is a super driving psychedelic jazz breaks with cut-up voice of Dr.Timothy Leary - A controversial psychologist and influencer for the ' Summer of love ' global hippie movement in 60's-70's. Bulgarian acid jazz producer Martin Denev played dazzlingly funky electronic piano parts, and layered synth sound and subtle acid hints drives you up to the cosmical orbit for sure.


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