Milega Records - .Various - Natural Order

Natural Order

Label: Milega Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 03 December 2019

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Digital Album

Natural Order



When Milega Records chief, Mr. Hide, first approached me to make an introduction for his and ChoZen Jo's new compilation album, Natural Order, I had ideas of Douglas Adams quotes, and giving it a taste of my past metal album work.After listening to the compilation a few times and a few more times just for kicks.I realized that this was a way more serious work than I had first imagined, since it is one of the best albums of its genre that I have ever listened to.An ultimate classic dark, raw and sharp album made from Japanese steel that has to be added to your collection. Play it loud. Compiled by ChoZen Jo & H!de Mastering by Tim Schuldt @4CN-Studios Artwork by Morrieo - CATANA.JP..


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