Nano Records - .Various - A taste of South African psychedelics

A taste of South African psychedelics

Label: Nano Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 18 September 2016

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A taste of South African psychedelics



Inspired by the burgeoning Psy-Trance scene of Cape Town, Nano Records was born in 2000 as an international voice for South African producers. Over the years Nano Records has expanded into one of the top Psy-Trance labels on the international scene and is now home to artists from around the world. A global label with deep roots in Africa.A lot has changed and developed over these last 16 years. Not only does the SA Psy scene now have a wide range of world renowned DJs and Producers, but also has massively successful Decor Artists, Visionary Artists and Festivals. The scene in South Africa continues to grow and morph, at times influenced by the international Psy scene, at other times dancing to the beat of its own drum.In celebration of this we have collected a taste of music and art from some (and this really is only 'some' - as there are many more flavours) of South Africa's top Psy Trance producers and Visionary Artists. So prepare yourself for a strong dose of South African Psychedelics!


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