Ohm Ganesh Pro - GOA LUNI - Freaks At Night

Freaks At Night

Label: Ohm Ganesh Pro
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 13 August 2018

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Digital Album

Freaks At Night



Ohm Ganesh Pro presents psychedelic goa trance wizard "Goa Luni" with two deep and mental psychedelic treats for you with this EP single "Freaks At Night"! Niclas Hyltoft aka Goa Luni began in his early years to know music, because his mother introduced him to the Classical genres. Niclas quickly grew a big heart for music In general and after he got his first PC to make music he discovered the genre trance, and has always been fascinated by it and instantly hooked. As his Philosophic way of saying psytrance is my life/heart/ key Philosophy. Niclas wants to say a big thank you to Geomagnetic Records for my release New Beginning EP, Hector Stuardo Marileo at Ovnimoon Records and Fabio Goncalves at Cosmonautic Records who have been very helpful to reach this goal with a release come true. And all my subscribers, Fans, followers for supporting and likes on my work. Goa Luni is working at the moment on his next release in order to continue getting his music out to the world. Discography 1 ILLUMINATION - Goa Records 2 TWISTED MINDS OF SOCEITY Goa Records 3 Fractual Destructions Goa Records 4 Madness Album Goa Records 5. New Beginning EP Goa Records VA Volumes FRESH Horizons vol 2 - Ghost of nebula. FRESH Horizons vol 3 - Back to Goa. Goa luni Fan book page Goa luni www.facebook.com/GOA-LUNI- 508831025868027/


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