Ohm Ganesh Pro - MASHRUM - The Legacy

The Legacy

Label: Ohm Ganesh Pro
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 22 May 2020

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Digital Album

The Legacy



Ohm Ganesh Pro is more than happy to welcome Mashrum project, and to present his amazing new EP 'The Legacy'! Mashrum is a project started in 2012 by Jordi Gallardo. From always music has been a very important point in my life. I started playing in bands with the guitar, drums, bass guitar and after some years I meet with with the Trance music and I start to produce some music, in December 2013 make the first release in one digital album "Volumen 1" After this, I start to collaborate with different labels Zero Gravity Records, FaxTrax Records, PsyTrax Records, Shiva Records NL, Mighty Vibrations Records, Monkey Forest Records T 2019 started to produce to PsyFunktion Records and waiting for the release of new tracks in two VA albums. In May 2020 I start in Geomagnetic(Om Ganesh Pro) sub-label with the album The Legacy. I


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