Organic Records - .Various - Haiti Appeal Project

Haiti Appeal Project

Label: Organic Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 April 2010

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CD Album

Haiti Appeal Project



Haiti Appeal Project has been put together by a global community of like-minded electronic music lovers. With this single cause in mind they have pulled together an array of groundbreaking music from the best artists in each genre and are releasing a triple CD ‘Haiti Appeal Project’ spanning techno, trance and down-tempo electronica. For a mere 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks you could be contributing to a new school or hospital in devastated Haiti. Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 which killed over 230,000 people and has left many more displaced who are currently living in tented shanty towns. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Many people have made contributions towards the relief event; however Haiti Appeal Project would like to emphasise that the island still needs our help, and the Haitians should not be forgotten, especially as they approach the rainy season. Featuring artists such as Extrawelt, Alan Parsons Project (feat. Shpongle and David Gilmour), Eat Static, 1 Giant Leap, James Harcourt, Younger Brother, Perfect Stranger, Minilogue, Gaudi & Greg Hunter, Dnox & Beckers, Fiord, Sensient, Burn In Noise, Entheogenic, Zen Lemonade vs System 7, Saiko Pod, Fearsome Engine, Protoculture, Saiko Pod, Dickster, 4D, HoeHLE, Freakulizer, Jay Selway & Christian Smith, Switchbox, Logica and Zumbi, Astronivo, Riktam & Bansi, Dimitri Nakov, Gabe, 1NTT (Tul & Total Eclipse), KiloWatts, John Monkman, Warp Technique, Dyno, Avalon vs G-Nome and more! This triple CD will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material.


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