Ovnimoon Records - SPECTRO SENSES, MAGNIFIX - Pandora's Box

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Ovnimoon Records proudly presents amazing new EP Pandora's Box from super talented and unique musicians Spectro Senses and Magnifix! Ronei Leite aka Spectro Senses is a Brazilian project founded in 2007, at the beginning produced some bands of psytrance full on (morning). It made remixes of some renowned artists at the time like: Sesto Sento, System Nipel, Phanatic among others. After a few years, he also began his career as a sound designer in 2010. With an emphasis on synthesizers, in 2013 he began his work as a producer of progressive psytrance, with influences from artists such as Zen Mechanics, Vertical Mode, Symbolic, Audiotec among others. has developed studio collabs and remixes of artists such as Morten Granau, Lyktum, Future People, Mind Spin, Sonic Sense, One Function among others. In the Country of Origin has been presented in great festivals, always demonstrating a line of characteristic sound and remarkable melodies. Currently the project has been around the country for more than 10 years, Always developing new studio projects, Spectro Senses proves to be one of the projects promising for the future, which has been outstanding in the psychedelic scene.


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