Ovnimoon Records - PSILOSIN - Digital Forest

Digital Forest

Label: Ovnimoon Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 11 October 2019

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Digital Album

Digital Forest



Ovnimoon Records is proud to present another killer Ep from Psilosin! Growing up with headphones permanently either on his head or in his ears, Nic Bishop has always had a tremendous passion for music. After attending his first Psytrance Festival at Earthcore in 2010. He developed a love for the heavy, body heaving drops and crazy sounds that had this incredible way of inducing trance like states. Even powerful imagery and emotion, without the need for psychedelics. it was the psychedelic! He wanted to make people feel that feeling, introduce them to something they hadn?t experienced before. He instantly knew what he wanted to do with his life. Make music! Once he began making his own tracks in 2016 he locked himself in the studio and never looked back. This is how Psilosin was born. With his driving bass lines and Dark, melodically modulated leads. Psilosin builds an atmospheric and electric mix of various influences and genres. His music is an amalgamation of hard hitting bass, squelchy melodic leads ominous backgrounds with a focus on evolving sounds. Psilosin?s general dark but groovy vibes have something to get everyone stomping!


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