Phonokol Records - THE FREAK SHOW - Freaks Me Out

Freaks Me Out

Label: Phonokol Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 June 2009

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CD Album

Freaks Me Out



Freak Shows are side attractions usually seen at fair grounds and carnivals and... ...poses different skills and physical attributes making them an Attraction. Itay Dangur and Etay Avraham AKA the Freak Show where both discovered at an early age on a dusty road leading to a fair ground, they were 12 years old. Since one was born with a synthesizer instead of one of his hands and the other was born as a music computer with 2 hands, they were constantly creating music as if it was flowing in their veins (what turned up to be true). Very soon they realized that their future is not in the carnival business but on the dance floor after repeatedly causing carnival visitors to collapse after hours of dancing due to the 'uncontrolled dancing syndrome' (which was actually named after the duo and is known in the professional circuit as 'the Freak Show uncontrolled dance syndrome')


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